Ignite The Action

Seamlessly navigate urban landscapes with the Aprilia SR 125 and its cutting-edge 125cc i-get engine that delivers impressive acceleration and speed. Cloaked in the unmistakable Aprilia decals, the Aprilia SR 125 reaches to 0 to 60 km/h in less than 10 seconds*, making it a top performer in its class. Get on this action-packed sequence and rise above the ordinary.

Time to Take off
Become a Maneuver Master
Sleek & Bold

Cutting-Edge Engine

Along with the modern i-get 125cc engine delivering outstanding performance, the 3 Valve Fuel injection Engine packs a punch that will leave you exhilarated each and every time you turn the throttle.

Precise Braking

Upon applying the brakes, your SR responds with a smooth stop, as the CBS provides essential control for a secure halt.

Full LED Lights

LED daytime lights provide exceptional visibility, even in low-light situations.

Superior Suspension

The tires maintain grip, ensuring superior control, stability, comfort, and safety across various terrains, with the front fork suspension.

All-Surface Tyres

Equipped with all-terrain tires, SR is prepared for any challenge, be it urban traffic or off-road trails, ensuring a new adventure at every turn.