A tribute to Vespa’s aeronautical heritage, the Vespa SXL is reimagined with speedy aesthetics and aerodynamic designs for an added finesse. The SXL celebrates the competitive spirit of the players on the roads and the fields alike as it propels the concept of living an active lifestyle. Created for those who live for the next game, energized by a new challenge on the playing field and are always on the move. Get on it like a pro, and let the Vespa SXL take you to those wins, courts to pitches, arena to stadiums.

Sports Prowess on the Road

A sporty riding experience that you feel from the get go. From sleek lines to advanced engineering every aspect of this ride has been meticulously crafted to perfection. Its aircraft-inspired anti-dive suspension technology along with dual hydraulic shock absorbers, ensures you have a fatigue-free drive on bumpy roads and long rides. The ABS functionality provides optimal braking without compromising stability so you can stop with confidence in a split second. Get ahead of the game on a sporty ride that speaks to your athletic demeanor – the Vespa SXL.

Elevate your game

Being sporty is more than just playing a sport. It’s about quenching your thirst to win gold. The Vespa SXL is that purest embodiment of the competitive spirit in you. When that spirit seeks to win on the field, and in life, you need a worthy teammate that will assist your wins. A true expression of style and athleticism, it will always be the first to get you a second glance. Easily navigates through city streets, to get to and from your gym, turf and the workplace with this reliable ride.. No matter what roads you take or what tournaments you enter, the Vespa SXL will announce your victory to the world.


Evokes a sense of athletic grace that distinguishes you from your competitors whether you’re heading to the gym or going for a run before the sunset. Seamlessly transition from your daily routine to your adrenaline-pumping hobbies as you take in the thrill and excitement accompanied on every ride. There’s nothing quite like the unmatched state of exhilaration you’ll feel riding on the Vespa SXL, and preparing for your wins.

A Utility-Packed Riding Experience.

Ample storage under the seat, automatic boot lamp, conveniently located bag hook, and provision for USB charging. The Vespa VXL comes with a lockable glove box.

Monocoque Chassis that's Built to Last

A robust and long-lasting monocoque chassis, featuring 372 precision robotic welds, provides exceptional structural integrity and resilience.

A stunning, up-to-the-minute engine

The all-new i-get engine with 150CC and 125CC and CVT transmission ensure a smooth ride and quick acceleration.

Suspensions that are ready for anything

Aircraft-inspired anti-dive suspension technology ensures no fatigue ride, even on bumpy roads and long rides. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) - 150CC Combined Braking System (CBS) - 125CC