A tribute to the youthful Vespa spirit that plays with contrasts and duality, to bring alive a bold aesthetic with timeless design. The Vespa Dual celebrates the colourful and playful Vespa universe, combining cheerful, uninhibited originality with the desire to experiment and create new trends. Designed for those who choose to go against the grain, lead a unique life chasing new experiences, and stand out in a crowd. Jump in the seat to zip to the good (or great!) parts for you’ll be turning heads and raising eyebrows wherever you go.

Two Vibrant Shades. One Distinct Scooter.

Painted in an exceptional atmosphere-controlled paint booth with a 3+1-coat of paint, the Vespa Dual VXL is a reflection of the open free skies, in a dreamy two-toned colour that feels like a ride on the clouds. And the Vespa Dual Sports, which is inspired by the racetracks and its speedy aesthetics, comes in two fiercely bold colours, a deep black and a fiery red.

Unleash the Pure Vespa Spirit!

The Vespa Dual is vibrant and bold on the outside and brimming with technology on the inside that makes every trip an absolute pleasure. It’s designed to match your vibe and your spirit. So you can live more boldly, meet someone new everyday, expand your horizons and experience it all for the first time and again, like it’s the last time.

Enjoy the Attention

In a world of mediocrity, the Vespa Dual allows you to stand out. It is proof of your distinctive style, taste and penchant for performance. Feel the thrill and excitement of life by heading out on the Vespa Dual, and experience moments and journeys that make you truly feel distinctive.

A Utility-Packed Riding Experience.

Ample storage under the seat, automatic boot lamp, conveniently located bag hook, and provision for USB charging. The Vespa VXL comes with a lockable glove box

Monocoque Chassis that's Built to Last

A robust and long-lasting monocoque chassis, featuring 372 precision robotic welds, provides exceptional structural integrity and resilience.

A stunning, up-to-the-minute engine

The all-new i-get engine with 150CC and 125CC and CVT transmission ensure a smooth ride and quick acceleration.

Suspensions that are ready for anything

Aircraft-inspired anti-dive suspension technology ensures no fatigue ride, even on bumpy roads and long rides. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) - 150CC Combined Braking System (CBS) - 125CC