A tribute to the golden era of racing, (the 1960s) a time when racing culture was at its peak and all eyes were on the racetrack. The Vespa Racing Sixties is designed to have a perfect blend of retro style and modern technology, making it a cutting-edge ride for today’s world. This retro-styled masterpiece is created for the innovators who want to build and shape the new world while paying homage to the 60s era. Ride on a Vespa Racing Sixties and fall in love with its charm that transcends yesterday, today and tomorrow.

A modern-age scooter with a vintage charm

Drawing inspiration from the 1960s racing era, this retro ride features elegant curves, polished chrome accents, and a sleek racing stripe. Modern touches like the digital odometer and 5 spoke alloy wheels add a contemporary twist to this vintage beauty. As the hydraulic suspension on the front and rear absorbs all the bumps on the road, the only thing you experience is a smooth and seamless ride. A perfect combination of vintage style and contemporary performance, it stands as a true masterpiece.

Love the past, embrace the future

For those of you who design the future while being in love with the past. The ones listening to Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Elvis while building the 21st century. You are the builders. Whether you love to build apps, or businesses, the advanced technology and performance will satisfy the tech geek in you, and the 60s design will satisfy the nostalgist in you. Ride to the coffee shop or take a scenic route to clear your mind before work. This Vespa will make you discover an extension of your present self, a reflection of your love for the classics, and your eagerness towards the future.

Feel like a modern day legend

A ride that will not only take you from point A to point B but will also inspire you along the way. A treat to the eyes and a pleasure to ride, The timeless design and retro looks of this Vespa evoke a sense of nostalgia that takes you on a voyage back into the golden era of 60s racing. All this while, you stay connected to the present with its modern features and you’re left in awe. The convergence of the passions of the past with the functions of the present is what truly sets it apart. More than just a ride, the Racing Sixties is inspiration on wheels.

A Utility-Packed Riding Experience.

Ample storage under the seat, automatic boot lamp, conveniently located bag hook, and provision for USB charging. The Vespa VXL comes with a lockable glove box.

Monocoque Chassis that's Built to Last

A robust and long-lasting monocoque chassis, featuring 372 precision robotic welds, provides exceptional structural integrity and resilience.

A stunning, up-to-the-minute engine

The all-new i-get engine with 150CC and 125CC and CVT transmission ensure a smooth ride and quick acceleration.

Suspensions that are ready for anything

Aircraft-inspired anti-dive suspension technology ensures no fatigue ride, even on bumpy roads and long rides. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) - 150CC Combined Braking System (CBS) - 125CC