Embark on a journey of style, comfort, and safety with the Aprilia SXR, creating a memorable and enchanting riding experience. This elegant scooter combines the sporty design of Aprilia’s motorcycle heritage with the functionality of a cruiser. As the i-get engine delivers a smooth, responsive ride for your thrilling adventures on the highways, the multitude of ergonomic features ensures the utmost comfort and safety on the road.

Comfirt on Cruising
Unmatched Power, as Long as you Need
Superbike Heritage, Adventure Spirit

Cutting-Edge Engine

Featuring a modern i-get engine 125cc and a potent 3 Valve Fuel injection system, this combination ensures thrilling performance with each throttle twist.

Precise Braking

Upon applying the brakes, your SXR responds with a smooth stop, as the CBS provides essential control for a secure halt.

Smooth Sailing

Experience a smooth ride and glide effortlessly on any surface, with the Aprilia SXR’s telescopic front suspension.

Protective Front

Drawing inspiration from endurance bikes, the dual fairing and suspended windshield provide excellent aerodynamic shielding even during daily urban commutes.


The glove box securely holds your essentials, while the USB charging port keeps your phone powered.

Comfort is Everything

The SXR offers more than just seating; it's designed for ultimate comfort, catering to various body types. The large, well-cushioned seat, perfect foot pegs, and co-rider footrests combine to create a seating position that elevates you above the rest, allowing you to enjoy the refreshing breeze.